NIACC-Writing Camp
NIACC Writing Camp

Find your writing voice and explore the written word!

On a Dark Stormy Night...

Join us for a Creative Writing summer camp at NIACC where students entering 9th, 10th, 11th grades will explore a variety creative genres of writing and career opportunities through hands-on activities. Campers will stay in the dorms at NIACC and work closely with faculty and college students to get a feel for the college experience. Scheduled day sessions include workshops and sharing of individual work.  Campers will work with college instructors and meet people who have written creative work for publication. Campers will attend a career panel to learn more about careers writing creative works, and discuss the importance of creative work to society on the whole. Extra-curricular and evening activities include a movie and some fun and play on the pond.

Includes a booklet of your work, Movie night, and a lunch with a panel of authors.

Location: NIACC Campus

Creative Writing Camp
JUNE 26th - 28th
Grades: 9th-11th
Cost: $100, Includes Room & Board
Max Participants: 20
Check-In: 11:15-noon at the NIACC Housing Office
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